9-11 Part One: Porno For Pyros

Was it a conspiracy? I’m not sure (next week). I don’t want to discuss what 9-11 was, but what it is or what it has become. If it makes some people angry, so be it. Here it is:

9-11 is an American Fetish

“Oh no you dih-unt”, oh yes I did. Like two giant cocks exploding into the New York sky, Americans are “lovin’ it”. Come on, we get off on it. The image of the planes hitting the towers, the chaos in the streets and then collapsing buildings are simply spectacular. There is a reason after all that the media bombarded us with these images for years. It certainly wasn’t about “informing” us, I doubt there is a single human on earth unaware of the event, hell I bet even Pygmy people know about it. No, the media repeats it over and over because it is the greatest goddamn money-shot in human history. And Americans absolutely love good porno.

Get your Twin Tower Blow Up Doll. Every orifice is shaped like a pentagon: made by Chinese slaves and only $19.95!

I don’t know what 9-11 was like in say Nebraska, but I was in DC at the time and have to admit that I have never felt so alive. With the radio spewing misinformation about car-bombs exploding on Capital Hill and the “USA Today” building being on fire, (just to name a few), an image of the city being completely under siege emerged. Sure I was terrified and all, but my inner-survivalist had kicked in and I felt ready for anything. And feeling ready for anything is exhilarating! What was also exhilarating was realizing that the world really is in flux and not fixed and static. The world seemed so monolithic and unchanging and then BANG. It was the perverted inversion of the Global Justice movement’s mantra, “another world is possible”, a revolution for ghouls. OK, yes it was horrible and yes, it was evil, I guess it’s like the way you feel after an acquaintance’s funeral. After you move through the shock and the sadness, you feel the hot, electric hum of life in every atom in your body, vow never to waste a moment of your short life again and want to fuck like it’s the end of the world. This feeling is what the media repackages and sells back to us.

“Blasphemy! 9-11 is sacred!” No it isn’t, not anymore. This is the commodity culture baby, the death of the sacred. This is where all information is contextless and meaningless. The “customer” is not king, the commodity is. This culture takes our raw emotions and unconscious urges and sells them back to us as tangible products for profit.

Send your kids to school with the new 9-11lunchbox. It’s approved by The Department of Homeland Security and fireproof. If you act now it comes with a grenade shaped thermos and Twin Towers Twinkies!

It’s not just all of ribbon magnets, stickers, t-shirts and coffee mugs that celebrate America’s favorite holiday, 9-11. And it’s not just the various TV specials, DVDs and political exploitation of this spectacular tragedy. It’s the totality of our culture. It’s that 9-11 has become the new Jesus Christ to the commodity culture.

Sleep Tight Children of Empire, With Your 9-11 Security Blanket

Before 9-11 there was a growing movement in fierce opposition to the commodity culture: the “Global Justice” movement. It was flourishing, in part due to a fraying belief system in the belly of the beast, the USA. The myths of “the shining city on the hill”, “god bless America” and “the reluctant empire” were all becoming transparent, repugnant and, most importantly, vulnerable. Another world really did seem possible. Picture the semi-famous video footage of that protester at “The Battle of Seattle” spray-painting the words “we are WINNING.” That moment sums up the revolutionary electricity of the time. And then BAM! It was over in one morning. Whether it was an actual attack by terrorists, a MIHOP (the government Made It Happen On Purpose) scenario, or a LIHOP, (Let It Happen On Purpose) scenario, one thing is certain, the global justice movement was put into its grave at “ground zero”.

What arose there at ground zero, like a “Phoenix out of the ashes” was our new guiding myth. We were born again, new and cleansed. The ghost of the Twin Towers was the image of a great cross, with a crucified fireman dying for our sins. So no more guilt, no more shame, we are all victims. Our savior died for us so we could live out our national and God given destiny. Our commodities don’t come from war, conquest, slavery and graft. They are the blessings of our sacrificial lamb, our new GOD, 9-11. And any violence we knowingly do is by divine right. We are victims and our GOD is a god of vengeance.

But the priests of our new religion wouldn’t cut it as third rate televangelist would they? Just as the new foundation of our civilization was attempting to take root, the myth started to crumble. Something about the Bushkavics, the Clintonistas and media spectacle generally just didn’t ring true for long. The entirety of all media smelled like a bad infomercial. We, underneath the new Church of our Savior, started to stir again. Maybe this time a little more furiously. Maybe this time we really will win…

Maxwell Black
A Moving Train

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