The Uniformity is Absolute


I hope it isn’t too arrogant to quote myself, but I was looking over one of my least favorite articles and found this; which i like:

We don’t just require the “proper” blue jeans or cars, but the “correct” mannerisms, expressions and beliefs. It’s not enough to have the correct commodities; you must fully become a commodity or otherwise you cannot be fully realized or consumed. For most of us, it’s as if the perfect script were written for society, but every single one of us was miscast in our own existence. To maintain this dynamic in a youth setting, the bully unconsciously acts as a self-perpetuating and self-policing agent of the social status quo. He unwittingly mimics the psychological warfare of the television commercial by pounding into every unique mind self-doubt and self hate and demanding that we be (or purchase?) a certain way. While television images are the smoke and mirrors that obscure our class divisions, creates false consciousness and–since our real lives don’t “fit in” to Spectacular life–it leaves us as consumer driven shame-bots. Under conditions where our entire economy and society are rooted in manufactured self-hate, hierarchy and forced non-reality some kids go numb, some go insane, but…

Some catch fire

From: Molotov Children
arrow-4.gifTomorrow I’ll feature the work of my sister Radio Roxanne. Hint: it focuses on the defender of salmon everywhere!

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